Exceptional chiro care, tailored to your body.

We’re changing the way you care for your body

We focus on utilizing data and imaging for a comprehensive approach to chiropractic care.

Tracking your health every visit

We use state of the art objective measurements each visit to identify trends in your health progress, fine tune your care, and ultimately achieve the best clinical outcomes.

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I just got back from Dr Clarks first adjustment. Wow. So much relief in one little movement. I feel like my head is out of the vice grip it was in. He went over all my films and showed me the issues and discussed the steps to move things one by one into place. I am so thankful you could share him with me! I have needed this specialized care for quite some time! And never knew it even existed! He is brilliant and I am so hopeful to feel better and heal this part of my body! Thank you!!!

Donna S.

Since stepping into the role of a patient, each visit has been a game-changer in addressing my pinched nerve issue. Dr. Clark has been instrumental in significantly enhancing the range of motion and alleviating stiffness in my neck. The symptoms that once plagued me—pain, lightheadedness, headaches, and loss of balance—are now mere memories. A heartfelt thank you to the entire team.

Alex V.

I’m so grateful for Dr. Clark and the entire Advanced Upper Cervical team. They are kind, professional, and above all excellent at what they do. Thanks to Dr. Clark I’m no longer suffering from persistent migraines. Couldn’t recommend him enough!

Kelsea B.

We help people who experience:

  • Migraines/Headaches

  • Dizziness/Vertigo

  • Neck Pain

  • Back Pain

  • Tingling and Numbness

  • Anxiety

  • Insomnia

  • Athletic Performance

  • Wellness Care

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We’re changing the way you care for your body