Health-Tracking Chiropractic Care

At The Path Chiropractic, we believe in the power of precise adjustments backed by comprehensive data. Our innovative approach ensures lasting benefits, minimizing the need for adjustments while promoting your body’s natural ability to heal. Through advanced health-tracking services, we evaluate each patient's progress on a visit-to-visit basis to provide personalized and effective care.

Comprehensive Data for Optimal Results

Our health-tracking services utilize cutting-edge technology to monitor and assess your progress. This allows us to make precise adjustments tailored to your unique needs. By gathering detailed data, we can ensure that every adjustment contributes to your long-term wellness, enhancing your body’s natural ability to heal and strengthen itself.

Paraspinal Thermography

We measure the function of your nervous system with a Tytron-5000, which collects measurements through paraspinal thermography. This non-invasive technique measures deep thermal differences along the spine, providing valuable insights into how the nervous system is functioning. This tool helps us determine when an adjustment is needed, leading to longer-term outcomes.

Experience the difference that comprehensive data and precise adjustments can make. At The Path Chiropractic, we are committed to helping you reach your full potential through advanced health-tracking services and personalized chiropractic care. Join us on the path to better health and discover the lasting benefits of our innovative approach. Contact The Path Chiropractic today to schedule an appointment. Feel better, live better. 

We’re changing the way you care for your body