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The upper cervical difference

Objective Measurements

Our research uniquely correlates upper cervical adjustments with objective measures, prioritizing measurable standards in the medical field.

Diverse Upper Cervical Techniques

We employ various upper cervical techniques, allowing us to compare outcomes across different methods and populations.

Holistic Approach

Our research takes a holistic approach, examining the interconnected aspects of physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Explore our research

About our research

Gathering research in the field of upper cervical chiropractic is critical to understanding how to provide best clinical outcomes, and to increase the visibility and credibility of the profession. Research allows us to connect and build trust with other providers and patients in order to help the most people possible. The goal of our research is to correlate and track the upper cervical adjustment to changes in the objective measures we take on each visit and/or re-examination. While symptom changes and observations such as “I am feeling much better” are excellent clinical outcomes, they do not meet the objective and measurable standards of acceptable research in the greater medical field. Each of our objective measures represents an aspect of nervous system health, and when these measures improve over time in conjunction with our care, it brings clarity to exactly how we are affecting the nervous system, how we can improve and refine our technique, and allows us to potentially uncover other applications of our treatment. Due to a general lack of funding and the small percentage of chiropractors using Upper Cervical techniques, there are very few clinics currently conducting this type of research. Our office is one of the only clinics in which the practicing doctors are using different upper cervical techniques, allowing us to not only compare overall outcomes but contrast outcomes between different techniques across unique symptomatic populations. We hope this type of comparative research will help shed light on which techniques are most appropriate for specific situations.

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