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Dr. Aanand Sharma and Dr. Jeff Clark are the dedicated professionals steering The Path Chiropractic in Seattle. Their commitment to wellness is evident in their emphasis on utilizing data and imaging for a comprehensive approach to chiropractic care. By employing cutting-edge technology, they personalize treatments to meet your specific health objectives.

Dr. Aanand Sharma, DC

LIfe Chiropractic College West

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Dr. Jeff Clark, DC

LIfe Chiropractic College West

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Creating your wellness plan

Our goal is to create a Chiro experience unlike anything you’ve previously known. Our treatment is based on the upper cervical approach, which combines principles of neurology with precise imaging and objective measurements to help you reach your goals.

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I just got back from Dr Clarks first adjustment. Wow. So much relief in one little movement. I feel like my head is out of the vice grip it was in. He went over all my films and showed me the issues and discussed the steps to move things one by one into place. I am so thankful you could share him with me! I have needed this specialized care for quite some time! And never knew it even existed! He is brilliant and I am so hopeful to feel better and heal this part of my body! Thank you!!!

Donna S.

Since stepping into the role of a patient, each visit has been a game-changer in addressing my pinched nerve issue. Dr. Clark has been instrumental in significantly enhancing the range of motion and alleviating stiffness in my neck. The symptoms that once plagued me—pain, lightheadedness, headaches, and loss of balance—are now mere memories. A heartfelt thank you to the entire team.

Alex V.

I’m so grateful for Dr. Clark and the entire Advanced Upper Cervical team. They are kind, professional, and above all excellent at what they do. Thanks to Dr. Clark I’m no longer suffering from persistent migraines. Couldn’t recommend him enough!

Kelsea B.

What will you get from your care team?

A tailored plan

Our team will customize a plan that fits your exact needs.

Data-driven care

We use your health data to make informed decisions on treatment options.

Expert advice

Our team of experts will be here to guide you through every stage of your wellness plan.

Read about our research

Research in upper cervical chiropractic is vital for improving clinical outcomes and professional credibility. Our research focus is on correlating upper cervical adjustments with objective measures, providing valuable insights into nervous system health, and the interconnectedness of the body as a whole. Each case we take on allows us to better understand the intricacies of health- meaning better outcomes for you.

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We’re changing the way you care for your body

Originally from Bothell, WA, Dr. Sharma studied Mathematics at Whitman College. He went on to begin his career as a Data Scientist, working with large tech companies to solve complex business problems using math and computer science. At the time, he struggled with anxiety and depression, and discovered Upper Cervical Chiropractic when the medication no longer served him. Though he enjoyed his first career, Dr Sharma moved to the Bay Area to earn his Doctor of Chiropractic degree because he believed that he could use his love for problem solving in a clinical setting to help patients who struggle with similar issues. He always planned on returning home to serve his community with this breadth of experience, especially as it pertains to optimizing human health through data, systems, and clinical research. Dr Sharma has a particular affinity for the Knee Chest Upper Cervical (KCUC) technique. In addition to all of the above, Dr Sharma loves espresso, karaoke, and hosting dinner parties.

Originally from the Bay Area, Dr. Clark studied Exercise Physiology at California State University, Chico. He went on to become a strength and conditioning coach for the Colorado Rockies, where he pursued his love of sports and honed his skills in proper movement biomechanics and rehabilitation. Inspired by his mothers difficult journey through chronic pain and disability after sustaining a broken neck, Dr. Clark attended Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA, in order to help those who had slipped through the cracks of the medical system. He is driven to provide hope to those like his mother, who have been labeled hopeless, and uses his training background to ensure his patients are utilizing proper movement strategies and correcting muscle imbalances to allow for maximal improvement and longevity. Where other chiropractic techniques failed, Dr. Clark found success treating his mother using the Blair Upper Cervical technique, and has since dedicated himself to making Upper Cervical more available to others in the community.